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Growth Regardless of Location

The question we’re getting lately is, “when are you moving?” The answer to that question is quite elusive so we’ve hedged our bets here in Hampton to maintain growth.

First a little background 411 for those not familiar with the situation. In 2014 we approached the City of Hampton to purchase their old city works property located just behind us. Since cities can’t sell property to individuals without offering it publicly we had to “red tape” the process. We offered a proposal to build a new facility on this property but couldn’t come to terms on the deal. This sparked us to search in neighboring areas for a new location. We found a location in McDonough (our neighbor just east of us) and were able to purchase that property with the intent of moving the brewery there. We are currently working with the City of McDonough to make this a reality and McDonough has been very aggressive and willing to accommodate our needs.

Now that you’re up to date we can show off what is happening here in Hampton. Because we were relatively uncertain about our future for a good while, we decided to do a small expansion here at the Jailhouse. We purchased tanks from our good friends at Terrapin Brewing, in Athens, and have since installed them here in a giant walk-in cooler (thanks to Mark Harris for this idea). These tanks will provide some much needed fermentation space that will mostly be dedicated to our flagships such as Mugshot IPA and Slammer Wheat. Take a look at the photo gallery below to see what I’m talking about and come see us during tour hours to check it out for yourself.

Cheers Folks!

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