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The Judge Presides – The Justice Series


Photo Jan 22, 8 00 02 AMAs I work at my makeshift desk this morning, the brewery smells enticingly sweet and for good reason:  The Judge is in session.


Barleywines are one of my favorite beer styles. I think I enjoy them most because they take me back to my early experiences in beer. I was never really a light-beer drinker and I didn’t start drinking beer until my later college days. Regardless of how I got there, I ultimately came across barleywines. The three that I recall most are Bigfoot from Sierra Nevada, Old Foghorn from Anchor Brewing and Hog Heaven from Avery. I was home-brewing a lot at the time so it was particularly inspiring to encounter beers that were outstanding leaders in their categories. These weren’t outstanding because they were all that adventurous in the recipe, especially by today’s standards, but because they were just so well made. Drinking those beers always inspired me to strive to make my own beer better, and measuring against greatness continues to inspire me today.


22oz label tjs_judgeThe Judge marks the beginning of a trilogy of beers we’ll produce this year. We refer to it as The Justice Series, and it promises to take beer lovers through an exciting circuit of beer styles and decadent flavors.  The head of the system, our staunch and impenetrable leader is The Judge,  which we are brewing today. The second release will be The Jury and the third will be The Jailer. Be sure to hang onto your bottles because each label in The Justice Series will flow into the next to depict an entire court scene when placed side by side. The image above gives you an idea.


All this is part of a second passion to celebrate artistic endeavor on many fronts. From the beginning we aspired for the label art to tell the story of our beer and brand. Our artist, Jonathan Richter, has always delivered on our requests and then some. When we brought him this idea he was a bit skeptical but willing to see what was possible. The request was a challenge because it would be difficult for each label to stand alone and still fit the composition once pulled together with the other labels. I was pretty adamant that the label concept was a major part of the success of the series. I also fully believed Jonathan could make it happen. He has successfully hit the mark. I hope you enjoy the experience from art and inspiration to bottle and glass.


Lights Out,

The Warden
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