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Grace Note for Kensley Grace Aquatic Center

Kensley Grace Aquatic Center…

Live passionately… love unconditionally… swim fast!

The Kensley Grace Foundation hosted their Fall Music Festival at Jailhouse Brewery on October 21 to benefit the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center project in McDonough, GA. When approached about hosting the festival, we offered to brew a beer specifically for the event and Grace Note was born. Grace Note is a Dry Hopped Pale Amber Ale that is seasonally malty and features notes of peaches and apricots on the nose. At 5% ABV, this beer is a great choice for a sessionable fall beer. All profits will be donated to the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center. Look for this beer at the Brewery and select retail partners and check out the Aquatic Center online to learn more.

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The Judge Presides – The Justice Series


Photo Jan 22, 8 00 02 AMAs I work at my makeshift desk this morning, the brewery smells enticingly sweet and for good reason:  The Judge is in session.


Barleywines are one of my favorite beer styles. I think I enjoy them most because they take me back to my early experiences in beer. I was never really a light-beer drinker and I didn’t start drinking beer until my later college days. Regardless of how I got there, I ultimately came across barleywines. The three that I recall most are Bigfoot from Sierra Nevada, Old Foghorn from Anchor Brewing and Hog Heaven from Avery. I was home-brewing a lot at the time so it was particularly inspiring to encounter beers that were outstanding leaders in their categories. These weren’t outstanding because they were all that adventurous in the recipe, especially by today’s standards, but because they were just so well made. Drinking those beers always inspired me to strive to make my own beer better, and measuring against greatness continues to inspire me today.

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Beer Releases in 2016

We are very excited to announce we’ve finalized a release schedule for 2016. Now that we have more fermentation space it opens up some brewing capacity for new and exciting things.

Over a few beers we all sat down and talked about our favorite beer styles we aren’t already brewing or haven’t brewed yet. The results of that discussion are here in the release chart.

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