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Find Gold – Win Alibi in a Yeti Cooler

It goes like this. Find the lone six-pack of Alibi out there and we’ll give you a Yeti cooler FULL of Alibi. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Southern Drawl Outfitters in McDonough to bring you a killer prize just for buying the beer you already love. The cooler was courtesy of the good folks at Southern Drawl and of course the beer is our contribution.

Take a second to check out our friends at SDO. Facebook @southerndrawloutfitter

The rules are simple:

There is one lonely six-pack that has all golden lids. Find it, drink the beer, bring us the six-pack, sans beer, and we’ll send you off with a Yeti Tundra 45 full of Alibi. We may ask you to pose for a few pictures but otherwise it is pretty painless.

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Growth Regardless of Location

The question we’re getting lately is, “when are you moving?” The answer to that question is quite elusive so we’ve hedged our bets here in Hampton to maintain growth.

First a little background 411 for those not familiar with the situation. In 2014 we approached the City of Hampton to purchase their old city works property located just behind us. Since cities can’t sell property to individuals without offering it publicly we had to “red tape” the process. We offered a proposal to build a new facility on this property but couldn’t come to terms on the deal. This sparked us to search in neighboring areas for a new location. We found a location in McDonough (our neighbor just east of us) and were able to purchase that property with the intent of moving the brewery there. We are currently working with the City of McDonough to make this a reality and McDonough has been very aggressive and willing to accommodate our needs.

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