Celebrate The Badge

As a thank you to the brave in blue we’re releasing a beer just for you. On October 22nd we invite you to come out to the brewery and Celebrate the Badge. This release party is in honor of those that protect and serve us in our communities.

All police and public service men and women are invited to come enjoy the afternoon with us, and as a show of our appreciation we’ll be sending you home with a free six-pack of this delicious beer. Your tour admission will also be reduced to $10. All you need to do is show your public service ID. Any additional proceeds from this beer will go to support local police charities and events in the future such as C.O.P.S. and the like.

We will have live music in the yard as well so bring a chair and enjoy it. Come out and help us thank our police officers for their commitment to our safety and service to their communities.

Badge is an India Pale Lager with tropical fruit notes and a pleasing finish.Light on the palate but with a respectable force of flavor.