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Grace Note for Kensley Grace Aquatic Center

Kensley Grace Aquatic Center…

Live passionately… love unconditionally… swim fast!

The Kensley Grace Foundation hosted their Fall Music Festival at Jailhouse Brewery on October 21 to benefit the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center project in McDonough, GA. When approached about hosting the festival, we offered to brew a beer specifically for the event and Grace Note was born. Grace Note is a Dry Hopped Pale Amber Ale that is seasonally malty and features notes of peaches and apricots on the nose. At 5% ABV, this beer is a great choice for a sessionable fall beer. All profits will be donated to the Kensley Grace Aquatic Center. Look for this beer at the Brewery and select retail partners and check out the Aquatic Center online to learn more.

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Day of the Dead Chili Cook Off Wrap Up

Jailhouse Brewing Company’s Annual Day of the Dead Chili Cook-off gets bigger and better every year, and this year was no exception. Our 2017 Cook-Off featured 15 competing teams who showed up ready to slice-n-dice the competition. We had over 700 attendees funnel through to sample chili, listen to top-notch tunes and of course, drink some Jailhouse brews. Check out the good times in our picture gallery below.

We would like to thank all our staff, sponsors, volunteers, and competitors for participating in this years event! We are looking forward to 2018!

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DOD Chili Cook Off

Join us November 4th for our 7th annual Day of the Dead Chili Cook Off. We’re closing down Cherry St. for a large time with beer, music and chili.

Entree to the festival will be $10 (free for children under 10) which includes sampling of all 18 competitors’ chili creation as well as live music from Dos Blues GuysWillie Ziavino and COT Band, and THEM. Andy Bray and Lisa Wheeler will also be performing in the yard for post cook off festivities. Skip the line and pre-purchase tickets at https://jailhousebrewing.ticketspice.com/day-of-the-dead-chili-cook-off

Along with samples of 18 chili’s we will have 15+ beers on draft for purchase by the pint. Food will be available on Cherry St., if you don’t get your fill of chili, and there will be a chili pepper eating competition.

This is a family friendly event so load up the whole bunch and come have some fun with us!

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Visitation and Tours

THURSDAY: 5:30 P.M.- 9:00 P.M.
FRIDAY: 5:30 P.M.- 10:00 P.M.
SATURDAY: 12:00 P.M.- 10:00 P.M.
Open to all ages but must be 21 to taste.

What To Expect

When you visit Jailhouse Brewing expect to be immersed in the brewery as you walk among the tanks and brewing equipment. We offer an outdoor tap room with 16 beers on tap and always something new to try.
7 oz. Taster | $3
16oz. Pint | $5
11oz. Higher Gravity Beers | $5
Select Pints | $4
Tours of the facility are available at the following times:
Thursdays and Fridays 5:30 P.M.- 6:30 P.M.
Saturdays 12:00 P.M., 2:00 P.M.- 4:00 P.M.
*Tour times are subject to change dependent upon special events at the brewery.
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For the Record Vinyl Night Returns March 24th


Last year we debuted our For the Record Vinyl Nights as a little fun thing to do on Friday night tours. It started out with a lone record player and some vinyl and quickly transitioned into a team effort with my friend Tommy Easterling, and the collection of music grew exponentially.

I love it when things just happen organically. Tommy and Stephanie Easterling have been regulars at the brewery for a while but when vinyl night started they were there every Friday. Little did I know we had vinyl music in common. When I was forced to cancel playing records one Friday due to other obligations, Tommy stepped in and handled it like a boss. The next thing you know we’re setting up two players and trading off choices from each of our libraries. Stephanie also came on to work tours and it has been a great time. Our last vinyl night in 2016 was on December 30th and was a countdown theme. We decided to chill on the Friday nights for a bit because weather was cold and we needed a little break.

Now that it appears we are coming through the winter and warmer days are ahead we’re bringing back Vinyl Nights and hope you will plan to join in the fun. Fueled by beer and great music, vinyl night is your chance to be a part of the festivities. It seems everyone has a record or two lying around the house so we invite you to bring it to the tours and we’ll play it. There is one caveat. Since we theme each night your record needs to fit into that theme. Here are some examples of last years themes:

  • Voices
  • Guitar Heroes
  • Soul/R&B
  • Country
  • Decades
  • Soundtracks
  • #1 Hits
  • Elvis
  • Pink Floyd
  • The Beatles
  • Southern Rock
  • Beach Music
  • Gangsta Rap
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Hair Bands

So dust off those records and plan to spend Friday nights at Jailhouse with us enjoying old and new music on vinyl. Last year we gave out some beer to take home with you for participating. We’ll do that again this year but will be limiting it to one 12 oz bottle per person.

See you on the 24th!


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Friday Night For the Record Vinyl Nights


Yea I know. Vinyl is in. But I’ve been listening to vinyl records all my life. I vividly remember Elvis, ABBA, Simon and Garfunkel and the like thundering through the cabinet-sized speakers posted atop the fireplace in the home I grew up in here in Hampton. We would sit and listen to Bill Cosby – Himself with my aunt and uncle while ROTFLOAO. It was just part of our life. Saturday morning there would be a stack of LP’s lined up on the cue and the “jukebox” of vinyl would play all morning. It was THE WAY to wake up.

Mind you, this would have been the early 80’s so cassettes were really in their heyday but my parents’ supply of music was of the vinyl persuasion so that is what we played. The most memorable of songs would have to be Suspicious Minds or an An American Trilogy from the always loved and often imitated Elvis Presley. There was an onslaught of ABBA that I keep trying to forget to no avail. I look through those records now and recall, nearly, each one and often play them to relive those memories.

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to join us every Friday evening during our tours for our For The Record Vinyl Nights. We’ll be spinning vinyl records in the yard and to make it even better, you get to bring your own records for us to play as well. Your participation will be rewarded with a few 12 oz bottles of beer to take home with you. The idea is to share. Share music. Share beer. Share community.

We theme every week so pay attention to our calendar of events and tune into our Facebook page for what the current weeks theme will be. If you have any suggestions feel free to share those on Facebook as well.

Lights Out,

The Warden

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Find Gold – Win Alibi in a Yeti Cooler

It goes like this. Find the lone six-pack of Alibi out there and we’ll give you a Yeti cooler FULL of Alibi. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Southern Drawl Outfitters in McDonough to bring you a killer prize just for buying the beer you already love. The cooler was courtesy of the good folks at Southern Drawl and of course the beer is our contribution.

Take a second to check out our friends at SDO. Facebook @southerndrawloutfitter

The rules are simple:

There is one lonely six-pack that has all golden lids. Find it, drink the beer, bring us the six-pack, sans beer, and we’ll send you off with a Yeti Tundra 45 full of Alibi. We may ask you to pose for a few pictures but otherwise it is pretty painless.

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Growth Regardless of Location

The question we’re getting lately is, “when are you moving?” The answer to that question is quite elusive so we’ve hedged our bets here in Hampton to maintain growth.

First a little background 411 for those not familiar with the situation. In 2014 we approached the City of Hampton to purchase their old city works property located just behind us. Since cities can’t sell property to individuals without offering it publicly we had to “red tape” the process. We offered a proposal to build a new facility on this property but couldn’t come to terms on the deal. This sparked us to search in neighboring areas for a new location. We found a location in McDonough (our neighbor just east of us) and were able to purchase that property with the intent of moving the brewery there. We are currently working with the City of McDonough to make this a reality and McDonough has been very aggressive and willing to accommodate our needs.

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The Judge Presides – The Justice Series


Photo Jan 22, 8 00 02 AMAs I work at my makeshift desk this morning, the brewery smells enticingly sweet and for good reason:  The Judge is in session.


Barleywines are one of my favorite beer styles. I think I enjoy them most because they take me back to my early experiences in beer. I was never really a light-beer drinker and I didn’t start drinking beer until my later college days. Regardless of how I got there, I ultimately came across barleywines. The three that I recall most are Bigfoot from Sierra Nevada, Old Foghorn from Anchor Brewing and Hog Heaven from Avery. I was home-brewing a lot at the time so it was particularly inspiring to encounter beers that were outstanding leaders in their categories. These weren’t outstanding because they were all that adventurous in the recipe, especially by today’s standards, but because they were just so well made. Drinking those beers always inspired me to strive to make my own beer better, and measuring against greatness continues to inspire me today.

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Beer Releases in 2016

We are very excited to announce we’ve finalized a release schedule for 2016. Now that we have more fermentation space it opens up some brewing capacity for new and exciting things.

Over a few beers we all sat down and talked about our favorite beer styles we aren’t already brewing or haven’t brewed yet. The results of that discussion are here in the release chart.

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